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Ejection Tie Club

Here at Martin-Baker, we run an exclusive club that unifies all pilots whose lives we’ve helped save: life membership of the Ejection Tie Club is confined solely to those who have emergency ejected from an aircraft using a Martin-Baker ejection seat, which has thereby saved their life.

To search our collection of Ejectee testimonials please enter information in the below search bar. If you have an Ejection story of your own that you’d like to share with us to be shown on this page, please forward to [email protected].

Abhishek Joshi

“On 20th Mar 2018 I was authorised to fly a tail chase solo sortie. While carrying out the specified manoeuvres the aircraft suddenly flicked and entered spin. I brought throttle to idle and centralised controls in order to recover the aircraft. The aircraft stopped spinning in a steep nose down attitude and to be on a safer side I glanced at the height. The height was approx in a figure of 5000′ (I don’t remember exactly). Hence I took a decision and ejected from the aircraft.

I am grateful to Martin-Baker and its members who have been designing these wonderful ejection seats and giving us a second life.”

Fg Offr Abhishek Joshi, Ejectee #6055

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