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Do you maintain a Martin-Baker ejection seat? We have immense pride in the maintainers working on our seats around the world – due to your hard work, dedication and skill in servicing our ejection seats, Martin-Baker can proudly say that the lives of over 7,500 pilots have been saved.

VFA-25 Squadron

Featured Maintainer

Maintainer Stories

If you’re a maintainer of a Martin-Baker ejection seat, or have been at some point in your lifetime, we would love to hear your story and publish it on this page of testimonials dedicated to you and your hard work. As a token of our appreciation, we would also like to offer you a Martin-Baker Maintainers Coin when your story is published below.

Calling All Maintainers

If you’re a maintainer of Martin-Baker ejection seats, we want to hear your story! If you’d like to see your story and photograph posted up here on our page dedicated to the hard work of all the maintainers out there, please send it to us at [email protected] Not only will your story feature on our…

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